Lighthouses of North America


This timeless program, now on DVD and Digital Download is hosted by Wayne Wheeler; Founder and President of the United States Lighthouse Society and features some of the most spectacular lighthouses on the West and East coasts of the U.S. From its original description:

(60 min., Color/B&W)

Travel with us as we visit the sandy shoals and craggy cliffs of America’s seafaring monuments- Lighthouses. These beacons have played an important role in the growth of our coastal commerce, wartime history, and maritime legend.

From the weathered outcropping of Pemaquid Point, Maine to the breathtaking bluffs of Point Arena, California, this is a chapter of America’s glorious history.

Relive ghost stories, shipwrecks, and heroic deeds. You will feel the salt spray and face the terror of a storm on the high seas as you enjoy this beautifully photographed history of some of the most spectacular lighthouses in North America.